You can download our pre-formatted start file

Start file » Business card start file

» Postcard start file

» Letterhead start file

» Compliment slip start file

» Label start file

Or create your own file from scratch

For business cards, create a new file 3.58" x 2.4". For postcards create a new file 5.96" x 4.25".

Page sizes for other products can be found here.

How do I do this?

Select File > New (Ctrl+N).

As shown in the image below, set the paper size in the drop down menu to Custom and choose between landscape or portrait orientation. Set the drop down menu for units to millimeter and enter the dimensions.

For business cards set the size to 3.58" x 2.4" and for A6 postcards to 5.96" x 4.25".

Size Corel Draw

Trim and text area

For business cards create guides 0.1" and 0.24" from each edge, and for postcards create guides 0.06" and 0.18" from each edge.

How do I do this?

For business cards set the guides to 0.1", 0.24", 2.17" and 2.28" vertically and 0.1", 0.24", 3.35" and 3.46" horizontally. For postcards set the guides to 0.06", 0.18", 4.07" and 4.19" vertically and 0.06", 0.18", 5.79" and 5.9" horizontally.

CorelDRAW provides an option called Guidelines that helps to mark the Safety Margin. Guidelines can be set under View > Guidelines setup. You can add and delete as many horizontal and vertical guidelines as you need.

Guides in Corel Draw

You are now ready to create your design within this template.

Please note, nothing should extend to the outer edge of the document other than items that extend right to the edge of your cards, like a background color or all-over image for example. For more information on "bleed", please refer to our file preparation tutorial.

The first guide lines (0.1" for business cards or 0.06" for postcards) show where the cards will be cut. The inner guides (0.24" for business cards and 0.18" for postcards) show the 'safe' area for your design. You should try to keep your all your text and images within the inner guides to avoid the possibility of anything on your cards being 'clipped' when we cut them.

Very fine text, rules and keylines should be avoided.

Bounding box

Your artwork must include a box, drawn the same size as your page. This should be sent behind your design and should be white or transparent. This will ensure your final EPS is the correct size.

Saving your artwork

It is recommended that you save your work as EPS. To do so select File > Export (Ctrl+E) and select .eps as type.

To save the document as JPEG or TIFF choose the option File > Export (Ctrl+E). If your image contains a large amount of fine detail, you may wish to save it as a TIFF (.tif) file instead of a JPEG in order to maintain print quality. This makes a much larger file, which will take longer to upload to our system.